Hemp Muscle & Joint Salve

Hemp Muscle & Joint Salve 2oz


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Hemp Muscle & Joint Salve 2oz (150mg full spectrum hemp oil) $40.00


Violet Leaf Oil: Violet leaf has pain-relieving properties (analgesic) and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Arnica Oil: This herb is a powerful analgesic, meaning it has pain relieving properties. “Arnica has been proven to have dramatic results if used immediately after an injury. It helps speed up the healing process by moving waste-bound fluids out and moving cleansing fluids into the affected area.” It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which are infused with the olive oil that goes into the salve, making it a great ingredient for muscle and joint pain due to inflammation.
Ginger Oil: (same as arnica and violet) Potent anti-inflammatory which helps people suffering from joint pain.
Peppermint, Basil, Lavender & Grapefruit Essential Oils: Peppermint is cooling which helps relax muscles and joints. Basil and Lavender have pain-relieving properties. Essential oils can penetrate the skin at a deeper level when combined with the carrier oils listed above. Unlike other topical ingredients, essential oils can penetrate all the way into the bloodstream. This is beneficial to people with pain because it can help alter our physical, mental, and emotional state as well. The essential oils in this blend help lessen tension both physically and mentally.

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