Hempseed Oil Formulation – Lip Balm

In order to improve any products, sometimes changes have to be made. We have reformulated our lip balms to be produced with a Natural Hempseed Oil. Here is some of the reason why:

Hempseed Oil is beneficial to the lips because it contains emollient. It has a high level of Omega fatty acid and linoleic acid. The two are important nutrients for cellular health and they are key ingredients in the cells that make up the outer layer of your skin. To make a high quality lip balm, the hemp can be blended together with ingredients such as USDA Organic Coconut Oil. This lip balm is better to use on splitting and chaffing lips caused by sun or wind.

How lips can benefit from Hemp oil lip balm

The regenerative and healing properties of hemp are the best for a mature skin which has suffered from over exposure to elements. Hemp lip balm can help to maintain moisture and it will not feel heavy on your lips. Naturalbee Organic Hemp lip balm is found in different varieties and they all suit each occasion and taste.

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